Saturday Shenanigans II

House is quiet, kids are gone

Tasting traces of Friday night’s drinks

Sister in town, on the couch sleep

It’s been awhile for this kind of Saturday

Breakfast on the brain, tummy protesting

What the heck was in that food last night?

Snugglin with hubby, laying in bed, all “to do” items on my mind

An especially big one is finally here, the highly anticipated Nutcracker ballet!

Que excitement, I’m so happy to see our big girl dance on stage

Costumes, make up, hair and bows…a girl’s day x10, I can’t wait

Dress rehearsal, chatting with sis, prep for son’s basketball tomorrow on the way

Laundry, cleaning, always singing

Oh, what a Saturday

Lots of family, lots of love, all the support has me so amazed

Ready for my feet to hit the floor now, I’m ready to start this day

It’s a busy one, but absolutely lots of fun on the way

How could I expect anything less?

After all, it’s Saturday



There’s really no rhyme or reason with you

I set myself up again

I worked out, didn’t eat too late

Drink too much

Showered, and didn’t wait too late

I brushed my hair up, away from my face

Temperature of the room was just right

The pets and kids were quiet, television off

It seemed like the mood was just right

I was gleeful with anticipation to share another night with you

Yet you stood me up, left me to my own thoughts

Left me restless, basically totally screwed

My alarm is now blaring, the sun is peeking in

I’m starting my morning grouchy and pissed off

Oh sleep, why did you do this to me again?

We both know I’ll be back tonight, hopeful, just the same as before

I suppose I better get dressed now…

I have not another minute to fight with you

I don’t know why you do this to me

There’s really no rhyme or reason with you

Saturday Shenanigans


Morning breath, Syrup, Eggs and Orange Juice

Sweeping, sleeping, dancing, cleaning and ringing door bells too

Chatty mornings on the phone, paper crinkling, and newsfeeds scrolling on

Cats meowing, dogs barking, and child’s play on high

Spooning in bed, playing footsie

Morning sex? Yes! Okay

Steamy showers, cologne, lotion, and coffee mixed with perfume

Kids bed head, curling irons heating, and laundry on the stairs

Open windows, cool winter breeze and sun pouring in

To do lists, trash overflowing, laughs and what to do on the brain

Dryer sheets, folding clothes, and possible nap time on the way

More sex, maybe? Okay, yes!

Blair cartoons and sneak away

Closed door romance, music, and what did I forget to do?

Door knocks, Lifetime and mangled hair dos

Jeans and tees, no ironing

All the food you can eat

Cheat day, sleep day, me day or we day

Saturday Shenanigans, the best! Who cares what we do!