I am a wife, mother, student, co-worker, friend, confidant, artist, chef, teacher, housekeeping, and a host of other stuff. I am a woman. A special package of “whatever you need me to be” delivered to fit the person, place or thing that needs me in that moment. Exhausting, right? At times, sure, but overall what a blessing! There is nothing more beautiful than a woman embracing the many duties that are bestowed upon her as she walks the journey of life. There is so much beauty in being less than perfect but perfect to those who love you. So who is the Au Courant woman?

Au Courant is defined as well-informed, fashionable, or aware of what’s going on. I found a measurable amount of humor in this term because there are some days where I feel like I don’t know up from down but let’s face it, we know our chaos, our system, our lives. For that reason, I am absolutely in the know, hot, popular, fashionable, the “it” chick in my world and that is the purpose that defines me, that I live for and strive to improve daily.

My world is full of love, inspiring, a learning experience, joyful, a journey of self discovery, a parenting palooza, and a challenge that opens my eyes daily to the beauty of individuality, the true definition of beauty, and overcoming the not so light side of life. I enjoy being a wife to my incredibly handsome inspiring fun-loving husband and a mother to our awesome “fab five”. I love writing, I love inspiring, I love being inspired and I enjoy giving. I hope to give through my words by helping readers imagine, inspire, ignite and love in a way that adds just the right spice to life!

“The only boundaries that exist are the ones we place on ourselves.”


Lynette L. Shabazz



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