Fairy Day Maker #1

This happens to everyone! Grrr!

This happens to everyone! Grrr!

Is there anything worse than coming out from a meeting or lunch that ran late and having a parking ticket on your car? Well today, as I was parking, I noticed the meter maids lurking about on the street. I also noticed the car beside me either didn’t bother to pay parking (which is always a possibility) or he was in fact running late (it happens). Whether they paid parking or not didn’t matter to me and we have to take this attitude more often in life when opting to do a good deed. I paid for my parking, and I also dropped another 30 minutes into a perfect stranger’s meter. Again, whether the perfect stranger realizes their tardiness was covered doesn’t matter to me. I’d like to think I just reserved a small piece of good karma somewhere in the universe. Perhaps in the form of my very own perfect fairy day maker? Let’s face it, the meter maids are a lot faster than we are! We could all use a little help from time to time!

You too can be a Fairy Day Maker! It’s the little gestures that make a big difference.


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