“The Facts Speak for Themselves” Racial Inequality in 2014

I’ve seen many opinions regarding the Mike Brown verdict & the comment “facts speak for themselves” over and over again. I couldn’t agree more. This post is a minute glimpse of data available on racial inequality. It is present in more than the courtroom. To be treated equally does not mean I must act with perfect judgement all the time, it does not mean I should work harder than my counterparts to be paid equally, it does not mean my children should always be the exception and never misbehave, and it does not mean my life is more difficult. It does mean these statistics apply to me based on who I am not what I have done. It does mean whether I like it or not these are factors I have to live with and rise above each day. It does mean I have and will experience racial inequality:

  • I AM NOT a criminal.
  • I DO NOT break the law.
  • I DO NOT engage in illegal activity.
  • I AM educated.
  • I DO treat people with respect.
  • I BELIEVE in racial and civil equality.
  • I have NEVER been arrested.
  • I have been RACIALLY PROFILED.
  • LOWER PAY is a current reality.
  • I have had to advocate for my child to be punished EQUALLY.

racial inequality

(1) Department of Justice found that African-Americans & Hispanics are three times more likely to be searched at a traffic stop. This indicates racial profiling is a problem. At that same traffic stop, African-Americans are twice as likely to be arrested, and four times more likely to experience the use of force.

(2) The Department of Education cites African-American & Hispanic students account for 70% of the arrested or referred students in the public school system & face harsher punishments than other students.

(3) On average, African-American & Hispanics remain the lowest paid even when equally or greater educated as their white counterparts.

Rather than make the argument myself, as many have stated already, the facts speak for themselves.






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