Family “Unplugged”: Debate Night!

Family “Unplugged” is my version of a family time like we use to enjoy in the good ol days before cell phones, television, laptops, iPods, ipads and any other distracting electronic device you can think of came into our lives. It is so wonderfully refreshing to enjoy each other without the plug binding us all to the ever so entertaining game, article, newsfeed etc. that’s currently showing on-screen. With that said, the husband and I love getting creative with ways to spend this time.


Debate Night “Unplugged”

The Background: We have four children and they love to bicker about any and everything from what color the sun is to how long it took someone to shower etc. They just love to stir up a good argument, and that’s when the light bulb went off!

The Goal: What if, we took all this bickering and turned it into constructive and meaningful banter rather than the kind that makes your ears want to fall off. Thus, debate night was born. The goal is to let them constructively debate one another on topics that affect their lives today! This helps them gain public speaking skills, writing skills, listening skills, the ability to formulate an opinion and use credible material to make their point.

The Topics: A few topics we threw in the hat are; Do uniforms improve education? Is animal testing ethical? Is public humiliation a good form of punishment for kids? Should cell phone use be allowed in class? Is cloning animals ethical? I have to say, out of all the topics they choose from I am hoping they pick public humiliation for punishment as I would love to hear they’re take on some of the videos we’ve seen on YouTube demonstrating examples of that form of discipline.

The Rules: They will each get an opportunity to read the pros and cons of the topic(s) they choose and some time to formulate their argument (no google-good old fashioned brain power). They will have two minutes to present their argument to one another without being disrupted. They will have an opportunity to counter each other’s arguments and then the husband and I will be the judges.

The Fun: Kids LOVE all eyes on them!! We’re expecting a lively household tonight, some good laughs, loud praise and constructive criticism and counter arguments only.

The Take A Way: We all see the world through our own eyes. No two views are the same. It’s important to be open to how others view the world, consider other perspectives but ultimately make the decision for your life that you feel is best.

Raising strong minds! Looking forward to debate night. Go Team!


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