10 Simple Ways to Take Cinderella to the Ball

Romance, what every woman wants and what so many men are so horrible at. I’ve narrowed down the root issue to be, a lot of men believe romance is and should always be the big grand gesture! We’re talking hotel room, expensive dinners, fancy gown, high heels, a night downtown or something outside of the normal routine. Don’t get me wrong, that’s incredible and surely a night to remember when these grand gestures occur. Let’s face it, the grand gestures tend to come with a grand occasion such as; birthday, anniversary, celebration or some other milestone in the course of your lives. While this is surely commendable some men find their grand gesture is met with a grand eye roll and they’re confused as to why? Here’s the answer; no woman wants to be Cinderella before the ball the entire year and then count down to midnight when her carriage turns back into a pumpkin, her glass slipper goes missing and her knight in shining armor is gone. The glass slippers can stay on year round, and it’s easier than you think! Here’s my most honest advice: Ditch the concept of grand gestures only and adopt a more practical, affordable and logical way to make her feel like Cinderella at the ball all year long.


10 Simple Ways to Take Cinderella to the Ball 

(1) Fill Her Shoes: If your wife cooks, cleans, picks up the kids or whatever her daily thing is (I am sure you have multiple options here) offer to take over and send her off for some me time or wait on her at home. The key word here is OFFER if she has to ask it’s not quite the same.

(2) Order Up: Perhaps you’re working late and she’s home with the kids or maybe everyone is free for the night. You can’t go wrong in taking the liberty to order some take out or delivery, pick a movie and set the mood for a hassle free weeknight. *Bonus: You might not have to leave the recliner for this one!

(3) Put on Your Dancing Shoes: Most couples have a song that is unique to them, reminds them of a great time in the relationship, and summons the essence of love. One dance in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen is all it will take to send her back to the ball!

(4) Flowers: Fellas, you can’t go wrong with flowers. If you haven’t come home with flowers in hand you need to check the romance meter and be sure it’s still active! Here again, the grand gesture is having them delivered to her job or home. Ditch the delivery guy and see that smile on her face when you deliver them yourself!

(5) Love Notes: Remember how simple things were when we were kids? It can be that simple now! A hand written note left behind to say have a good day, you’re beautiful, I love you or something naughty can go much further than one might think! We’re so busy texting and emailing the personal touch of a love note is sure to score bonus points!

(6) Be the Masseuse: Becoming an adult the point is to support yourself and it’s wonderful when we reach the point of being able to buy the things we want in life. There isn’t a woman out there that will turn down a pass to the spa but no one can bring the touch of her loving husband! The key here is to play the part & bring the spa to your home! Rub the stress of the day right off of her.

(7) Couples Project: Perhaps there’s a book she’s been wanting to read, or a bathroom she’s wanted to remodel. Remind her how interested you are in her world and offer to be a part of getting these goals completed. Go with her to shop for the paint, or read a chapter or two from the book she’s reading. Above all, let your efforts confirm you’re interested in her.

(8) It’s Just Lunch: If lunch together during the work day is not the typical routine then bless her workplace by showing up with lunch or taking her out of the office to dine with her favorite guy.

(9) Light as a Feather: Let’s face it, women with families and some without have a lot on their plate. Show her you recognize just how much by being “light as a feather”. Don’t add to her plate by being too messy, or inconsistent with the “honey do list”. She’s sure to notice you taking the extra five minutes is five more she has to relax.

(10) Before Her Feet Hit the Floor: Tell her you love her. Starting the day off with a few words of affirmation is sure to send her off in her day smiling all the way!

Frequency is the key! Don’t let a year pass you by before you realize it was the last time she’s seen flowers, been served, pampered or appreciated. What are some other ways to take Cinderella to the ball right in the comfort of your own home?


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